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The Personnel Office provides general personnel and human resource services for all departments of the university. The main affairs of the Personnel Office include managing organization, employment, appointment and dismissal, salary assessment, attendance management, evaluation, evaluation of faculty members promotion, staff member rewards and punishment, on-the-job education and training, welfare and insurance, retirement pension and other personnel-related affairs.

Job Title





Hua, Ying-Li


Section Chief


Lee, Hui-Chiang


Section Chief


Wu, Jong Shi








Lee, Wen-Li








Hsu, Ru-Fang






Administrative Officer


Huang, En-Li


dministrative Officer


Lin, Ssu-Yu





Notice of employment at NTUB

IRank and Title: 
     University faculty is composed of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturer. They are responsible for teaching, researching, counseling and serving.

IILength of Employment: 
      Initial-contract is valid for one year, so is the first extension of employment. Each of the following contracts will last for two years. 

IIISalary Assessment:
      1.The level of teachers' salary is assessed according to the degree and seniority.
      2.New faculty's salary will be paid from the date of arrival. If the faculty reports to work before the date of employment, the salary will be paid from the starting date of employment. 
      3.Degree Verification: For faculty holding a degree not issued in Taiwan, please go through degree verification process in R.O.C. embassies or representative offices overseas. Please submit one copy of the degree certificate verified by an R.O.C. embassy or representative office and a formal transcript, which should also be verified. 
      4.Certificate of Work Experience and Service: Please attach employment certificates of public /private organization after the completion of the highest education
         (PhD, master's degree) if any, also the certificates of employments must be verified by an R.O.C. embassy or representative office.
      5.Bank Account: 
          Please open an account at Post Offices so that your salary can be directly deposited to your account.

      1.Without proper reasons, teachers can not resign before the expiration of the contract.
      2.Notice in writing is required to be sent a month before expiration of the contract if teachers plan to resign. If resigning while the contract is still valid, teachers can not leave their post without permission from the university.

Temporarily Transfer, Part-time Job, Teaching outside NTUB

(1) Teachers are not allowed to have another part-time teaching or part-time job according to  Article 34, Teacher Employment Rules, except when allowed under other regulations. 
      Teachers are required to obtain permission from NTUB to be temporarily transferred,
      have another part-time job or engage in part-time teaching.

(2) Teachers should meet the required teaching load and then other schools should send a notice to ask for NTUB’s consent before engaging in part-time teaching. Part-time teaching should be no more than four hours a week. 

(3)Teachers who have part-time job will be paid in accordance with “Regulations Governing the Payment of Concurrent Serving & Lecture Hourly-Pay to Military, Public and Teaching Personnel”, but the amount of jobs and payments would not be limited to it.  Teachers have part-time job in the enterprises or organizations that have industry-academy operation with NTUB should sign a collaboration contract, and make a commitment to receive the academic feedback fund when over six months.


Includes salary and payment for academic research. Administrators will receive additional pay.

 Advanced Study, Sabbatical Leave

IApplication of Short-term Visit for Overseas Research of Ministry of Science and Technology
     1.Application Criteria: Meet the Ministry of Science and Technology's criteria.
     2.Application Deadline for NSC Subsidy: August 1st. Applicants approved will be announced before November 30th in year.
     3.Relevant Regulations

        (1) A detailed research proposal is required. The Academic Unit (University, college and department) Faculty Review Committee will review the research proposal and  report to the President for ratification.
        (2)Approved applicants who do not finish the formalities for going abroad within three months to a year will be regarded as giving up the chance.
        (3)Approved applicants should balance the subsidies and be verified by administrative procedure at Ministry of Science and Technology upon their return. 
        (4)Approved applicants should email the report upon the expiry of two months of research and log in the NSC system.
        (5)Approved applicants are required to fulfill the appointed obligations.

IIOther Research and Advanced Study Application
      1.Application Criteria: According to the criteria of the offering organizations & the regulations of NTUB. 
      2.Process and Relevant Regulations

         (1)A detailed research proposal is required and reviewed by department Faculty Review Committee for ratification.
         (2)Approved applicants should sign a guaranty.
         (3)Teachers for sabbatical leave are required to teach for two semesters (academic years) after returning from a semester (academic year) of research. Teachers fulfill obligations before the expiration of time limit cannot reply to advanced study, or research.

IIISabbatical Leave
      1.Application Criteria

         (1)One semester of sabbatical leave is available for professors who have been teaching 7 consecutive semesters in public colleges/universities.
         (2)One academic year of sabbatical leave is available for professors who have been teaching 14 consecutive semesters in public colleges/universities.
     2. Relevant Regulations

        (1)A research proposal is required and reviewed by department Faculty Review Committee for ratification.
        (2)During sabbatical leave, teachers can not take any other full-time job. If teaching in NTUB, the hourly payment will not be paid.
        (3)Teachers should back to school and teach another 7 consecutive semesters or 14 consecutive semesters.Moreover, teachers should submit the research report within three months return to school.

Traveling Abroad

IMeeting, Conference, Field Study, Sightseeing, Visit Relatives, Research and Advanced Study.
   1.Please fill out the traveling abroad E-form or taking leave application before departure. Relevant documents such as invitation letter, are required for field study, 
      conference and meeting except sightseeing or visiting relatives.
   2.Summer and winter vacation or other holiday times should be chosen for sightseeing (this does not apply in the case of marriage leave and leave) in order not to effect the teaching and administrative work.
   3.It is necessary to itemize the source of budget and schedule of going abroad when fill out the traveling abroad E-form. 

Taking Leave

When taking a day off, be sure to make up the classes that are missed.

    1.Personal Leave (seven days), Family Leave (seven days): Please apply in advance. For faculty working in NTUB for less than one year, days of personal leave will be 
       calculated according to the number of working months. Family leave is regarded as personal leave.

    2.Sick Leave (twenty-eight days), Menstrual Leave (One day/per month): a certificate from a legal medical institute or hospital is required when the application will be   more than two days. Menstrual leave is regarded as sick leave.

    3.Prenatal Leave (eight days): For the first application of prenatal leave, please provide doctor's certificate or Pregnant Women Health Handbook. Prenatal leave can be applied for in separate time periods, at least one hour per time, but it can not be reserved for after delivery.

    4.Paternity Leave (three days): A certificate of a legal medical institute or hospital is required. Paternity leave can be taken three days before or after delivery, in separate time periods, but at least half a day per time. If pregnancy ended in miscarriage after five months of pregnancy, three days of paternity leave will be given.

    5.Maternity Leave (forty-two days): Birth Certificate is required; the leave should be at one time; National holidays are not included.

    6.Miscarriage Leave: A certificate of a legal medical institute or hospital is required, it should be taken at one time.
      (1)Miscarriage Leave (forty-two days): For pregnancy over five months.
      (2)Miscarriage Leave (twenty-one days): For pregnancy over three months and under five months.
      (3)Miscarriage Leave (fourteen days): For pregnancy under three months.

    7.Wedding Leave (fourteen days): Please provide the household register transcript. 
       According to actual needs, wedding leave can be taken in advance but needs to be completed within one month after the wedding.

   8.Mourning Leave: Please provide an obituary. The mourning leave can be taken separately, at least half a day per time, but need to be completed within one hundred days.
     (1)Mourning Leave (15 days): For those whose parents or spouse passed away.
     (2)Mourning Leave (ten days): For those whose step-parents, parents-in-law, or children passed away.
     (3)Mourning Leave (five days): For those whose great-grandparents, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, step-parents-in-law or siblings passed away.

    9.Marrow or Organ Donation Leave: A certificate of a legal medical institute or hospital is required. The leave will be approved according to actual needs.



1.Wedding Subsidy: two-month salary.
    (1)Re-marrying the original spouse does not qualify.
    (2)If husband and wife are both civil servants, the wedding subsidy can be applied for separately.

2.Childbirth Subsidy: two-month salary.
    (1)Limited to applicant or spouse's delivery.
    (2)If husband and wife are both civil servants, only one childbirth subsidy can be applied for.
    (3)If giving birth in other countries, please register in Taiwan before applying for the childbirth subsidy.

3.Funeral Subsidy: Death of a parent or spouse, five-month salary will be given, while death of a child, three-month salary.
    (1)The subsidy will only be given when parents and spouse are not civil servants.
    (2)In case when husband and wife or relatives are civil servants, only one application should be accepted per death.
    (3)The application is limited to children under twenty, unmarried, and unemployed.

4.Dependent Education Subsidy: According to the amount proclaimed by the Executive Yuan.
    (1)For children officially studying at school (from public/private primary school to university) in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen or Matsu.
    (2)If husband and wife are both civil servants, only one can apply for dependent education subsidy.

5.Please apply for the subsidies listed above within three months after wedding, childbirth, death, or other registered items. Subsidies will be based on one’s salary of 
   the month when such event takes place.



Full-time faculty should join Civil Servant's Insurance and National Health 
Insurance programs; Project faculty should join labor insurance and National Health Insurance programs.

IThe items of payment of Civil Servant's Insurance include disability benefit, old age benefit, death benefit and dependents’ funeral allowance.

    1.Disability Benefit
        (1)Total Disability: thirty-six-month insured monthly payment if a result of work; thirty-month  insured monthly payment if due to sickness or accidents
        (2)Semi-disability: eighteen-month insured monthly payment if result from work; fifteen-month  insured monthly payment if due to sickness or accidents.
        (3)Partial Disability: eight-month insured monthly payment if result from work; six-month insured monthly payment if due to sickness or accidents.
    2.Old Age Benefit: maximum payable benefit is thirty-six-month insured salary.
    3.Death Benefit

        (1)Death as a result of work: thirty-six-month insured monthly payment.
        (2)Due to sickness or accidents: thirty-month insured monthly payment. Those who pay the insurance fee for more than twenty years can receive thirty-six-month insured monthly payment. 
    4.Dependents' Funeral Allowance

        (1)Parents or spouse: three-month insured monthly payment.
        (2)wenty-five, two-month insured monthly payment; for whose age less than twenty and infants already registered,one-month insured monthly payment.

IIRelevant Regulations of Civil Servant's Insurance
      1.The deadline for receiving benefit is within five years from the date on which the event happened.
      2.If parents, spouse or children are all insured people, the dependents’ funeral  allowance can only be received by one and can not be changed after receipt.

IIIRelevant Regulations of National Health Insurance
     1.National Health Insurance (NHI) IC Card Application: Fill out the Application Form, attach a 2’’ photo on page one and two. Also attach a copy of both sides of the ID card or resident certificate to the back of the application form to Personnel Office. (Newborn baby shall attach household certificate or household registration transcript) If applying because of damage, information/photo change, missing, etc, please fill out  application form from page one to page three and pay the fee NT$200 at the post office.

     2.Additional Insurance for Individual: Initiated from the date of arrival. Send to the Personnel Office the NHI Enrollment Application Form and attach the previous 
        Health Insurance Transfer Out and a copy of both sides of ID card or alien resident certificate and work permit to Personnel Office.

     3.Additional Insurance for Dependents: Fill out the NHI Enrollment Application Form, previous Health Insurance Transfer Out and a copy of ID card or household 
        certificate. Qualifications for joining the insurance program include unemployed spouse, parents, children under the age of twenty, or children over twenty but still 
        students. (The student ID card should be attached) For dependents that haven’t hold  R.O.C. nationality, the initiating day of insurance will be four months from the start of residence. (Please attach a copy of both sides of resident certificate)

    4.Withdrawal of Individual or Dependents: Fill out the application for withdrawal (transfer) from the National Health Insurance. The withdrawal is required when changing insuring organization or status, e.g. resignation, retirement, employment of spouse, termination of adoption, divorce, and children becoming ineligible for continuing insurance. If the individual transfers out, so will the dependent(s).

    5.Suspension of Individual or Dependent(s) Insurance because of Going Abroad
       (1)The insured can choose to suspend the insurance if planning to go abroad for more than six months. During the suspension, insurance fee will not be charged.
       (2)During the suspension, the insurance cannot be reactivated while abroad. NHI medical care could be reactivated upon returning to Taiwan.
       (3)If applying for insurance suspension during stay abroad, the suspension date starts from the date of application.
       (4)Please fill out the application for suspension from the NHI and application form of re-enrollment in NHI then complete the procedure seven days before departure.

    6.Re-enrollment in NHI of Individual or Dependent(s) when returning
       (1)The insured who have been overseas for over six months, please apply for reactivation and start paying the insurance fee from the date of return; those who 
            have been overseas for less than six months, the reactivation date will start from the suspension date, and the insurance fee from the suspension period should be 
       (2)Complete the procedures after returning to Taiwan. Fill out the application for suspension from the NHI and application form of Re-enrollment in NHI and attach a copy of the entire passport of the insured. (Blank pages should be included)


1.Teachers should join the Pension Fund according to the regulations.

2.Retirement includes voluntary retirement and compulsory retirement. 
    (1)The conditions for voluntary retirement are more than five years service and over sixty years of age, or twenty-five years of service.
    (2)The conditions for compulsory retirement are over five years of service and over  sixty-five years old or over five years of service and not competent for teaching due to mental or physical disadvantages.

3.Relevant Regulations
   (1)Faculty who plan to retire should apply in writing four months ahead of the date of retirement. The application should include date and reason for retirement and should  be approved by the department chief as well as President, and inform the Personnel Office.
   (2)Personnel Office should send the retirement application to the supervising institution three months ahead of the retirement date.
   (3)The retirement application should be approved by the supervising institution (Ministry of Education or Ministry of Civil Service) before the retirement date.
   (4)According to Article 20, Faculty Retirement Act, foreign teachers are limited to receiving a single lump-sum payment.
   (5)Teachers who have teaching experiences in private schools can receive a pension  from a private school when approved by the supervising educational body.